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Technology Infused Instructional Kits for the classroom

Technology Infused Instructional kits provide opportunities for students to discover, explore, create, invent and share. Here is what you need to know if you interested in checking out an Instructional Kit for your classroom.

  • Because the contents of our Instructional Kits include specialized technology, educators are required to participate in a brief hands-on training session that is specific to the Innovation Kit you will be checking out. The purpose of this training is to show you how to use the technology in a safe and engaging way with your students.

  • Innovation Kits can be checked out for a maximum of 10 school days.

  • To be able to continue to provide these innovative resources to enhance the learning environment, we ask that you use great care when using them.

Checkout procedure:
  1. Check out materials, an Innovation Kit and/or technology related or influenced book(s) (library link) you are interested in. Note: you will find it necessary to resubmit this form if you wish more than one kit type or book title. Thank you.

  2. If available, please call extension xxxx to speak with us about checking it out

The list of list of Innovation Kits available is identified below: