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School Bus Field Trip Requests

Our district utilizes Infofinder le to manage all field trip requests.  Just click on the logo, sign in, and request your field trip.

tips for a smooth trip....

For password reset: Email: and we will email you back with your temporary password.

To ensure your school bus request is processed in a timely manner, please see the guidelines below.

  • All trips require two (2) weeks advance notice and are first come, first serve.  If special bus arrangements are needed , call the Transportation Department to check for availability.   Please call 775-782-5194, or ext. 1228.
  • Don't know how to place a request in Infofinder le?  View the video, "How To Create Field Trip Requests" to the right.
  • Ensure your Infofinder le request is detailed and complete.
  • Make sure your administrator approves your trip in Infofinder in a timely manner!!  Requests are time sensitive and delays can impede the approval process.  This can result in trip requests being denied.  If your administrator is not familiar with the approval process, direct him/her to the video, "How To Approve Field Trips" to the right.
  • Does your trip require an Exhibit H?  It does if you are traveling over 100 miles, or heading out of state.  The quick link to the left can direct you to needed travel forms and instruction.
  • Out-of-state trips must be pre-approved by the Superintendent's Office before submitting the request to the Transportation Department.  Transportation will not pre-book any out-of-state trips until proper written authorization is received from the Superintendent's Office.
  • Approval of desired dates for trips are greatly increased when trips are planned between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. 
How to Create Field Trip Requests
How to Approve Field Trips