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How To Become An Approved Driver

To become an approved driver, Fleet Maintenance must have a copy of the front and back of the driver's current license and a copy of the 3-year driving record.  The driving record can be obtained online at Nevada DMV.  
(**NOTE: The DMV website is not optimized for phone or tablet use to obtain driver's record).

There is a small fee for the driving record.  Fleet Maintenance does not reimburse for the driving record fee.

All driver information is confidential and will remain active until the license expires, at which time the employee will need to send updated information to the Fleet Maintenance Department.

Non-Bus Student Transportation Requests (NBST)

Infofinder leInfofinder le is used to submit your NBST requests. To access Infofinder le, click on the link to the left, sign in, and request your field trip.  If you need help with submitting a request, see our "How To" video on the School Bus Requests page.

Helpful Hints!

To ensure your NBST request is processed quickly and efficiently, check out our helpful hints below.     

  • All trips require two (2) weeks advance notice and are first come, first serve.  If special arrangements are needed for NBST, please contact the Fleet Maintenance Department.
  • Ensure your Infofinder le request is detailed, complete and contains the name(s) of driver(s).  Drivers must be district approved.  For more information, see the side bar to the left.
  • Make sure your administrator approves your trip in Infofinder in a timely manner!!  Requests are time sensitive and delays can impede the approval process.  This can result in trip requests being denied. 
  • Does your trip require an Exhibit H?  It does if you are traveling over 100 miles, or heading out of state.  The quick link to the right can direct you to needed travel forms.
  • Out-of-state trips must be pre-approved by the Superintendent's Office before submitting the request for a district vehicle.  Fleet Maintenance will not pre-book any out-of-state trips until proper written authorization is received from the Superintendent's Office.
  • Employees may not transport students in their own vehicles for any reason.  Only district approved vehicles may be used to transport students.  
  • Ride sharing services such as Uber or Lyft are prohibited. 
  • Food, drinks, and tobacco products are not permitted in District vehicles.


Contact Info

For Non-Bus Student Transportation inquiries, please contact:

Elizabeth Martin
ext. 1240, or 775-782-4679

The Fleet Maintenance Office is located at 
1126 Airport Road, Bldg. H1,
Minden, NV 89423.

Fleet Maintenance